DHA Phase 5 Islamabad

dha phase 5 islamabad

DHA Phase 5 Islamabad

DHA Phase 5 is the Best-selling project of DHA Islamabad.

It has all facilities including water, gas, Underground electricity Network, security and maintenance facilities.

Phase V has a wide network of roads with boulevards 180 ft wide, avenues up to 160 ft, lanes are 80 ft and streets are 60 ft.

Phase V has many features one of the most attractive features is a 6-lane expressway.

which has a commercial belt on it and it connects Phase V with Islamabad Expressway DHA phase 6 and DHA Valley.

The main reason for its growth potential is that it has major commercial projects.

which will become the limelight of the project.

Plot prices are reasonable now because of the recession that came because of property taxes.

Prices are going up again before they go up one should invest for a better output.

DHA Phase V has park mosques and school projects which are under development.

It has the best access to Islamabad via a signal-free corridor if Islamabad


So, don’t miss your chance to invest your money for a better outcome and securing your investment.

DHA Phase 5 has also askari apartments which are located on a prime location in Sector F.

The plot which is worth above 3 crores in Phase 2 are currently available in 1.80 crores in phase V.

which will be fruitful in future.


DHA Phase 5 Islamabad has all the options for the long run as everyone knows that cities are expanding.\

DHA Gave the biggest commercial project in Phase 5.

The commercial will insure the growth boost of the project.

People won’t need to go out of the society for shopping which will save their extra fule expenses.

The society will include school colleges and hospitals.

The future project also includes a university.

The society has a 24/7 maintenance system.

CCTV and physical security.

Emar housing society has also merged in DHA phase 5 Islamabad.

Plot sizes:

Plot sizes in DHA phase 5 Islamabad are

1 Kanal, 10 marlas, and 5 marla

Location Map:

dha phase 5 islamabad location map

dha phase 5 islamabad development:

DHA phase 5 is under development with most of the developmant process is complete.

Phase 5 has 7 sectors namely:

Sector A completely developed.

B completely developed.

C is 50 % complete .

D 45% complete.

Sector F is 75% complete but posession is not given because of some electricity connectivity.

G is 80% complete and posession is also present.

H is 60% complete with partial posession.

Every sector has its own pros and cons.

Development of phase 5 is the fastest and rates are increasing because of fast development.

There is no filling in any plot what so ever.

there is a hospital which will also be completed in coming years namely shifa international hospital.

commercial projects are also completed all of phase 5 has big commercial opportunists.

they are the best in the twin cities with massive potential.

Every sector has a mosque in it and parks also.

DHA 5 islamabad plots for sale:

There are not many plots for sale because of its potential.

the plots have a high potential to gain rates and give business to people

DHA gives best facilities to its customers so people have a high trust on them

so people invest in this society and live with their families.

if  you go in DHA phase 2 prices are very high and hard to buy

and has very few 10 marla plots in it.

Phase 5 covers this and has 10 marla cutting in most of its sectors which is good for middle class people

because construction cost is low on 10 marla plot.

10 marla plots in phase 5 are around 80 lacs which is fare according to other phases of DHA Islamabad.

Because most people have low purchasing power they prefer 10 marla plots investment is good in them.



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