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DHA Islamabad

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DHA Islamabad was founded with the aim of providing the residents of the twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad with good infrastructure, design and urban planning.

DHA Islamabad phases:


DHA Phase 2

DHA Phase 3

DHA Phase 4

DHA Phase 5

DHA Valley Islamabad

Not only does it provide all basic and modern conveniences, but it also meets the needs of both business and home life styles.

DHA is a smart investment decision with a fruitful return on investment (ROI).

All DHA sectors are developed and delivered. DHA Phase 2 in Zone V of Islamabad is one of the most attractive sectors compared to other phases.

DHA Phase 2, which is still under development, has its own planned amenities.

It has a total of 17 sectors from Sector A to Sector Q.

Phase 2 of DHA Islamabad is located in the famous Kahuta Triangle.

One side rest along the Islamabad Highway, while Gate 1 of it is on Grand Trunk (GT) Road.

It is located in a very large area that starts from the GT Road and extends along the Islamabad Highway towards Rawat. It has an entrance on all three sides for better accessibility and a smooth flow of traffic. Phase 2 includes almost 15075 channels and over 90 percent of the work has been completed. DHA Phase 2 has more than 15,000 residential lots.

Neighboring societies include the Zaraj Housing Society in the south, Canyon Views in the west,

the Bahria Intellectual Village and Army Officers Colony in the east, as well as Phase 4 of Bahria Town, Soan Gardens,

the PWD Housing Society, the River Gardens Housing Scheme and Media Town in the north Islamabad DHA Phase 2 has a total of four gates,

namely Gates 1, 2, 3 and 7. Gate 1, 2 and 3 are on Grand Trunk Road, with Gate 3 being closest to Gate 3 of the phase.

This connects to the Islamabad Exp-Press way through T-Chowk and is the main artery for those who commute their daily work towards Saddar.

However, Gate 7 of DHA Phase 2 is on the Islamabad Expressway and is a convenient route for those needing to travel to Islamabad.

A drive from DHA Phase 2 to Islamabad takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes DHA Islamabad Phase 2 is fully equipped with service areas such as mosques,

industrial parks, shops, schools, medical clinics, parking lots, play areas and jogging trails.

Sector A of DHA Phase 2 is a fully developed sector with all amenities including restaurants like Al-Makkah Chiniot Pakwan, the very famous Jamil Sweets and the subway. It has its own mosque, facilities for banking facilities such as the Meezan Bank and a post office.

 The Lignum Tower

is also another high-rise tower in Sector A of the phase. It’s a vision with traditional terrace-style apartments, dedicated parking spaces for each apartment, security, elevators, intercoms, spacious dining rooms, state-of-the-art kitchens, airy bedrooms and lavish bathrooms.

It includes other construction projects, namely Defense Residency and Defense Executive Luxury Apartments.

Defense Residency is a first-class residential development with executive apartments that offer all the comforts of modern life.

Main features include facility management services, high-speed elevators, parking lot, prayer area, standby backup power, gymnasium, children’s play area, firefighting system, intercom and CCTV security systems.

The project is currently under construction Defense Executive Apartments are also a luxury apartment project whose construction is in the final stages.

It offers a complete residential lifestyle, security, covered parking, swimming pool and health club equipped with modern luxuries.

Sector B of DHA phase 2 is a well-developed sector with a family park as a highlight.

In addition, Sector B has a DHA tennis court for sports lovers.

It’s a great sector to spend an evening with the family at the theme park.

This sector has its own food in places like the Zahoor Café, the Abdul Karim Hotel and the Snack Shack.

A personal shopping center with its own mosques was set up for this sector.

It is also home to a nearby school, namely The Educators Humak.

Sector C is south of Sector B and is home to DHA’s renowned DHA Pizza Inn.

 DHA Phase 2

Sector D is a self-sufficient sector with all the comforts of life, from Marhaba Cash & Carry and D. Grocery stores to restaurants like DHA Pizza Inna and Khan Café.

The sector has two mosques of its own. DHA phase 2, sector E is one of the most active sectors ever.

The Jacaranda Family Club remains the busiest place in the sector, which houses restaurants, guest rooms, wedding halls, JFC Cineplex, bowling alley, swimming pool, squash court and tennis court.

It offers a range of activities from Chinese cooking classes Visit the Jacaranda Grill,

Chinese restaurant, imperial wedding hall, continental restaurant and guest rooms.

It offers banking facilities with banks such as Allied Bank Limited, Askari Bank, Habib Bank, ATM National Bank and Summit Bank.

This sector also includes high quality educational schools, including the Army Public School. Not only that, but the sector also has grooming salons for men, namely The Lunge by Depilex Men.

DHA Phase 2, Sector F remains another busy sector of the phase as the Giga Mall is in the middle.

It is located on G.T Road near Gate 1 of the phase.

This makes the strategic location for DHA Phase 2 more ideal.

Since its opening, the Giga Mall in Islamabad’s DHA Phase 2 has attracted large visitors and residents and has become a state-of-the-art project in the capital,

Islamabad-Pakistan, where an international standard shopping mall, the Giga Mall, is in operation

and its operation has taken place in top shopping malls of Pakistan in no time.

The Giga Mall

is a fully functional mall where people can shop, eat, and chat.

It is conveniently located in the partner cities’ spotlight district.

Other provisions include HBL, Gloria Jeans Coffees and the JFC Marquee in the industry.

DHA Phase 2, Sector G is another independent sector with its own three mosques and a school system of the DHAI Army Public School.

Sector F and G share a Central Boulevard,

which is considered the busiest DHA Phase 2 roundabout as it has several restaurants including MacDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Dasterkhwan Home and Marts,

all of which are great for shopping around a Central Park. The sector has another park near Jamia Masjid Noor.

Sector H of DHA Phase 2 is located near Sector G

and has its own markets where people can shop and mosques can pray

On this side of the sector are guest houses and the ISR Boys Hostel as a safe place to stay for those who want to live there.

 DHA 2, Sector J

as a single sector also has its own mosques and family markets.

This sector is comparatively smaller than other sectors and therefore the residents of this sector rely on nearby sectors for access to daily necessities. The most impressive part of Phase 2 is upgrading the GT road to 8 lanes and a beautifully designed flyover connecting Phase 2 with Phase 5 via the signal-free Islamabad Express Way. The road infrastructure for DHA phase 2 is finely designed and at the same time enables easy vehicle flow. DHA Phase 2 is a complete phase in itself with facilities such as shops, malls, mosques, schools, pharmacies, play areas and green paths. It has attractive green belts that are added to the serene surroundings; Footpaths on both sides make the paved roads pedestrian and cyclist friendly. The streets in DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi are 40 feet wide; The boulevards are 30 meters wide and allow easy vehicle flow.

In terms of planning, DHA Phase 2 is an elaborately planned independent company with three gasoline pumps: PSO, SHELL and TOTAL in a single phase. Each of them has a spare parts shop, a gas station, a mini market, a compression natural gas system, a workshop and a restaurant. An underground electrification system that meets European standards has also been secured.

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