DHA Homes Islamabad

DHA Homes Islamabad

Buy|Sell|Rent| Properties in DHA Islamabad Pakistan Buy|Sell|Rent| Properties in DHA Islamabad Pakistan

DHA Homes Islamabad is the DHA Islamabad company and one of the most beautiful places to live.

DHA Islamabad and Rawalpindi work with every modern civic establishment in established residential,

commercial and mixed-use communities to meet your wishes and dream lifestyles.

DHA Islamabad

DHA Islamabad is owned by the Pakistani Armed Forces and was developed by Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited (HRL). Developers of DHA houses in Islamabad

are characterized by all building dimensions such as infrastructure, design and urban planning.

The Defense Housing Authority Islamabad is divided into five phases.


DHA phase 1

DHA phase 2

DHA phase 3

DHA phase 4

DHA phase 5

DHA Phase 6 (Ex Phase – II Extn)

DHA Valley Islamabad

Dha in different cities

DHA phases are not unique to Islamabad.

The Housing Development Agency has also established DHA societies in other cities to ensure the feasibility of armed officials

and their families such as DHA Rawalpindi,

DHA Lahore, and DHA Peshawar.

This society is specially designed for armed forces like other home societies,

e.g. Park View City, University City or Capital Smart City.


Dha Valley Islamabad

Buy|Sell|Rent| Properties in DHA Islamabad Pakistan

The DHA Valley is the final phase of DHA Islamabad.

During this phase, a fast pace for property acquisition and development was established.

On December 23, 2018,

a successful vote took place in the DHA Valley to hand over fully developed properties to the members.


Another vote is planned for this year,

during which 15,000 fully developed lots are expected to be handed over to the employees.

Around 13,000 properties were developed annually.


The function of the DHA Valley Grid Station has been completed and all major services such as sewerage,

water supply and roads are being created in a gradual program.

Work on the bridge connecting the DHA Valley with DHA Stage 5

and the Islamabad Expressway via the DHA Expressway began after the move to a new location.


DHA houses Islamabad fall under the DHA valley Islamabad.


The Islamabad site is located in Dha

DHA Homes Islamabad is located in the center of DHA Valley Islamabad.

These houses are located in the Lily Block & Oleander Block.


The main access road to the DHA homes in Islamabad is the DHA Expressway,

but it is under construction.

This expressway will be completed in a period of 1.5 years,

as more than half of the construction work has been completed.


Currently, the DHA houses in Islamabad are only accessible via Kallar Syedan ​​Road.

You will then temporarily drive from SHAH Baagh and the Oleander Block.


Neighborhood of dha houses

The left side of the DHA houses Islamabad is surrounded by other phases of DHA and on the other side it touches Rawat.

Near the DHA houses in Islamabad are the Zahraj Housing Society,

River Gardens Housing Scheme, Bahria Town Islamabad and Bahria Town Rawalpindi.


The main road is a 15 minute drive from the DHA houses.

This road connects Rawalpindi through the DHA House Islamabad.

The Giga Mall Islamabad is just a few minutes’ drive from the company.

If you plan to travel to Islamabad, the main road from Islamabad via Kahuta Road is the best option.


Dha houses Islamabad map

The preliminary map of DHA homes is available on the internet but may be revised prior to ownership.

The final map will be published after the vote as the number of apartments will be determined.


This map contains A&B blocks, where A block contains 8 two story Marla houses and B block contains 5 single story Marla houses.

There is still a lot of space on this map and marked as future expansions, which are C and D houses.


The layout of DHA Homes shows that these homes are attractively designed homes with spacious rooms and accommodations. Design and structural standards are based on the current criteria for residential development.


DHA Homes offers exclusive facilities and amenities that enable DHA residents to live luxurious lives according to international standards.

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Dha Homes Features:

The service infrastructure that all DHA residents have at their disposal includes:


Fully equipped hospital

International standard school

Beautiful lake

Golf course

24 hour maintenance facility

Wide road network and green belt

Gated community & security around the clock

Business park and shopping center

amusement park

Imported equipment and fittings

Excellent surfaces

Spacious bedroom with attached bathroom

Dha hosts greats from Islamabad

5-marla dha home islamabad:

5-Marla DHA homes are single story and contain 2 bedroom, independent homes with porches.


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