DHA Homes Islamabad

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DHA Homes Islamabad

The defense has 7 projects in Islamabad.

DHA Valley is the 7th. 

 DHA valley Islamabad has DHA Homes is in the 7th project.

Homes are the most developed sector in DHA valley.

It gives the idea of how the project would look like in the future.

Price comparison 

According to the current situation if we build a house it costs around 1 crore on 8 marlas the plot price is extra.

In DHA Homes Islamabad has 8 marlas built house costs around 90 lac rupees.

A low booking price is one of the reasons for low prices.

 Delayed construction is the factor for low prices.

Construction speed has been sped up and possession is given step by step.

Long story short you can get all facilities of Defence housing authority at lower prices.


There are different categories of Houses in DHA homes Islamabad 5 & 8 Marla Homes

5 marla houses:

In 5 marla the categories are fully ready to move houses, structures & files

5 marla houses are single story with 2 beds with attached bathrooms a tv lounge attached dining a kitchen and a laundry.

8 marla houses:

Same goes for 8 marla houses fully developed houses structures & files

These houses are double story 3 bed with attach bathroom tv lounge, dining lounge, kitchen a store, servant quarter and tarries.


There are park Mosque and commercial projects In DHA homes Islamabad. 120 ft wide avenue, 40 ft streets and 80 feet wide roads with all the facilities of DHA.

Almost 1200 houses are ready and most houses are being occupied with residents.

Location is something which one cannot ignore it is 7.5 km from Islamabad expressway and the other side is on kallarsayda road which facilitates people from Kashmir. It’s a double edge sword according to location prospect.

If you do a rate comparison of DHA Homes Islamabad with other DHA projects

Prices in DHA phase 2 of 5 marla house prices range from 1cror 80 lac to 2 crores 50 lac

Prices in DHA phase 5 is 1.50 crore.

whereas in DHA Homes Islamabad price is 40 lace to 47 lacs.

This gap is just for a bridge that is being built, slaps are being made. After the completion of the bridge, the prices will be doubled because the access from Islamabad highway will be clear and the long detour would be shortened then the prices will be almost equal to those of phase 2 & phase 5 so don’t miss this golden opportunity for investment or for living. This will be the best opportunity for you and your children.  

Layout Plan of DHA Homes 5/8 marla

dha homes islamabad 5 & 8 Marla Homes



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