A Guide To Investing In DHA Islamabad:

A Guide To Investing In DHA Islamabad:   Since the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) is more like an army facility operated by the corps commander of the city in question, it is the safest and most profitable investment option among other housing projects.       When it comes to investing in real estate, there are several factors that draw an investor's...

DHA VAlley

Updates about development of DHA valley Islamabad

Development of DHA valley Islamabad: Good news: There are two good news related to development of DHA valley. 1 Dadoucha dam 2 DHA Expressway Dadoucha dam: The news is that the construction of dadoucha dam is now about to start. The dam will cover an area of about 1800 kanals. It will work as water source and dha valley overall is not going to be effected by it. It will...

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