A Guide To Investing In DHA Islamabad:

Buy|Sell|Rent| Properties in DHA Islamabad Pakistan

A Guide To Investing In DHA Islamabad:

Buy|Sell|Rent| Properties in DHA Islamabad Pakistan


Since the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) is more like an army facility operated by the corps commander of the city in question,

it is the safest and most profitable investment option among other housing projects.

Buy|Sell|Rent| Properties in DHA Islamabad Pakistan




When it comes to investing in real estate,

there are several factors that draw an investor’s attention,

including the most important one that is the background of the developers.

Hence, the majority consider DHA to be the best option for real estate investment regardless of location and development status, as in the case of DHA Islamabad.


DHA Islamabad consists of 6 phases:

namely DHA Phase 1,

DHA Phase 1 Extension (also known as DHA Phase 4)

DHA Phase 2,

DHA Phase 2 Extension,

DHA Phase 3 and DHA Valley.


DHA Phase 1 and DHA Phase 4 are located near the city of Bahria, Phase 7 and 8,

while DHA Phase 2,

Phase 2 expansion and DHA Valley are towards Rawat with access from the Islamabad Highway.

DHA phase 3 (ex-new Pindi living scheme),

on the other hand,

is located in front of RAWAT in G-T-Strasse just before ChakBeli-connecting street.


DHA Islamabad location:


As you can see, DHA is distributed over a large area in Zone 5 immediately after the Rawalpindi exit borders.

We will provide a brief description of each stage so that you can understand the location,

development status,

pricing and investment potential.


DHA phase 1:

Buy|Sell|Rent| Properties in DHA Islamabad Pakistan

DHA phase 1 is located right next to the Fouji Foundation hospital and leads to phase 7 of the city of Bahria.

It is a fully developed area with a large number of houses where families live.


DHA Islamabad:


Buy|Sell|Rent| Properties in DHA Islamabad Pakistan


It consists of A, B, C, D, E and F blocks.

Sector F is in Phase 7 of Bahria and the Defense Villas project is also on the same block.

Defense villas consisting of 11 two-story Marla houses with luxury accommodation.

Since Sector F is located in Bahria City,

Bahria City offers basic facilities and amenities in this sector,

including the Defense Villas.

 Average prices:

for 3 bed homes start from 1.70 crore to 2+ crore and average prices for 5 bed homes start from 2.25 crore to 2.70 crore.


The average price for 11 Marla packages in Sector F is 1 crore,

and the average price for 1 channel package is between 1.20 and 1.75 crore,

depending on the block and location.

The orchard is considered the cheapest while the sector F is considered the best to live.


DHA phase 1 extension (DHA phase 4)

DHA Phase 1 Extension or DHA Phase 4 is located next to DHA Phase 1,

near Askari 14 and directly across from Bahria Town Phase 8 Rawalpindi.

The first blocks A,

B and C

are currently under development,

while the remaining blocks are only available on paper.

The revised map will be released once development begins for the remaining blocks.

For more information click here




good investment option:

especially for the first A&C blocks,

which are expected to be turned over to real estate in the next year.

There are open certificates as well as all chargeable files / plots.

There are development fees of 6 lac pending for open certificates,

but it is an easily tradable product and there is more demand in the market.

There are also unreconciled files of 10 Marla and 1 Channel lots assigned to Army personnel

and considered best for investment based on the expected location in the first few blocks.

The average prices for 1 channel in starting blocks are between 70 and 80 lacquers,

in middle blocks between 50 and 60 lacquers and in the last blocks between 45 lacquers.


DHA phase 2:

DHA Phase 2 is the best sector for residence or investment because of its location.

It is located in a very large area that emanates from the GT Road,

which runs over the Islamabad Highway towards the DHA Valley.

Access from the Islamabad Highway is considered to be the best feature of this stage as the traffic problems on the GT road are causing many home buyers to steer clear of Stage 1.


DHA Islamabad phase 2:


There are actually two parts to DHA Phase 2,

the first is from Block A to Block H, which is the actual DHA Phase 2.

The remaining part from J to Q is called Ex-Commoners Town,

as it was later acquired by DHA from Commoners Stadt, Dorf.

Blocks A through J are to the right of the Islamabad Highway towards GT Road,

while Blocks K through Q are to the left of the Islamabad Highway towards DHA Phase 2 Extension and DHA Valley.


Buy|Sell|Rent| Properties in DHA Islamabad Pakistan


Blocks A through L are fully developed while blocks N, P, and Q are in E.

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